About Us

If it comes to Italian music, one can not ignore its peculiarities: a language seductive and charming, complex and ill-suited (so we are told) the broken
sentences of rock, the dry sound of English. An impressive musical heritage, unique in the world, and next to a tradition that, for each region, its history and a cultivated one path, to the point that, for example, a story of Neapolitan melody known and appreciated throughout the world.

This, combined with the great contemporary authors and to modern instruments, the music is contemporary Italian and only a vast territory, and not classifiable by the path specified.

And that is why in the view offered by Radio Music Italian music has its own channel and dedicated. Easy & italy, the channel of the Italian music of the
modern and contemporary art, and of the great classics of recent decades. A channel for all those that give meaning and value only when a piece of music can appreciate the words, absorb them, share them, then maybe ricantarle.

So the great Italian music on Easy & Italy, but not only. Since many radio will offer only Italian music, we tried something more Easy to make Italy a single channel and here the novel coupled: Italian music and lounge, downtempo, slow rhythms to relax and stretch the mind and body.

The great Italian songs and the atmosphere relaxed and relaxing the downbeat, time soft melodies and soft, and even here the big names and the inimitable chicce, cocktail music and downtempo mixtate the Italian sound, ethnic mix for a taste unusual.

Alternating softly to each other here is the Italian sound, and the lounge to meet and come together for an ideal channel for those in need of relaxation, great atmosphere of sounds and songs to understand, share and sing, remember, or maybe rediscover. But not just yet.

Insatiable, on Easy & Italy in the coming European night DJ sets from DJ lounge and downbeat proposed by the most respected and popular DJs in the industry, to give a flavor to the nights … very atmospheric. The site, to complete the offering, the latest news, horoscope and song information transmitted Easy & Italy, do not forget that sound.